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Dazzling Diversity: Ann Arbor Pride 2024 Entertainment Extravaganza!

Get ready to be swept off your feet at Ann Arbor Pride 2024! Our Entertainment page promises a dynamic showcase of talent, featuring a diverse stage of local and national entertainers, choirs, dancers, drag artists, and so much more. As we curate this year's electrifying lineup, stay tuned for exciting announcements that will set the stage ablaze with celebration.

What to Expect in 2024

As we curate this year's entertainment lineup, get ready for an even more spectacular showcase of talent. We're committed to featuring artists who represent the rich tapestry of our community, promising an experience that transcends boundaries and celebrates the true essence of pride.

Stay Tuned for Lineup Announcements!

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements as we unveil the stars who will grace the Ann Arbor Pride 2024 stage. From soulful singers to jaw-dropping dance acts, get ready for a captivating entertainment lineup that reflects the vibrant spirit

Check out our line-up from Ann Arbor Pride 2023

Our previous year's stage was a dazzling display of diversity, showcasing the incredible talent that makes our community shine. From soul-stirring choirs and mesmerizing dancers to fierce drag performances that left the crowd in awe, Ann Arbor Pride 2023 was a celebration of love and expression.

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