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Be the Heartbeat: Volunteer with Ann Arbor Pride 2024!

Ann Arbor Pride 2024 invites you to be a vital part of our celebration by joining our dedicated team of volunteers! Whether you're an individual eager to make a difference or part of a group looking to contribute your time and energy, there are countless opportunities to get involved on the day of the event and for those seeking a longer-term commitment.

Fill out this form to submit your interest in volunteering.


Why Volunteer?

Community Connection: Become an essential thread in the vibrant fabric of the Ann Arbor LGBTQ+ community. Forge connections, make friends, and be part of something meaningful.

Hands-On Impact: Your contribution, big or small, directly influences the success of Ann Arbor Pride. From event logistics to guest services, every role plays a crucial part in creating an unforgettable experience.

Personal Growth: Develop new skills, gain valuable experience, and broaden your horizons in a supportive and inclusive environment.


Day-of-Event Opportunities

On the day of the event, we need enthusiastic individuals and groups to assist with various tasks, ensuring the smooth flow of the celebration. From helping with setup and breakdown to providing assistance at information booths, there's a role for everyone.


Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for an ongoing commitment? Ann Arbor Pride offers long-term volunteer opportunities, allowing you to contribute your skills and passion throughout the year. From event planning to community outreach, we have roles that align with diverse interests and expertise.


How to Get Involved

Ready to be the heartbeat of Ann Arbor Pride 2024? Reach out to us and let us know how you'd like to contribute! Whether you're available on the day of the event or looking for a more extended engagement, there's a place for you in our dedicated volunteer community.

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